Poove Unakkaga 11-05-2021

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Plot: Hailing from a middle class family in a city, Keerthi, becomes close friends with Poovarasi, a confident village belle. Circumstances make them meet Kathir and they eventually fall in love with him.

Keerthi (Jovita Livingston Jones) and Poovarasi (Raadhika Preethi) are best friends, they always share everything. Keerthi and Poovarasi both fall in love with Kadhir (Arun). Kadhir is in love with Keerthi. When Keerthi learns that Poovarasi also loves Kadhir she sacrifices her love for her friend. Poovarasi does not know about this and she marries Kadhir. The next day of her wedding night she learns that her friend Keerthi and Kadhir were lovers and Keerthi sacrificed her love for Poovarasi. After knowing that, Poovarasi wants to unite Kadhir with Keerthi hence she tries to apply for divorce. The advocate asks them to remain united for a year. Meanwhile Keerthy forgets her past life because of an accident. Poovarasi takes care of her and wants to unite Keerthi and Kadhir when she regains her memory. Whether Kadhir and Keerthi will unite or Kadhir and Poovarasi will fall for each other forms the crux of the story.

Unexpectedly, in March 2021, Jovita quit the series due to her higher studies. So her Keerthi character kills herself by walking deep into the ocean (in Episode 195, 24 March 2021). In Episode 197, it is revealed that Keerthi faked her death and is still alive and she mentions “I will come back when Kathir and Poovarasi have a baby”.

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